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5 Technically Advanced Features You Should Look For In A Portable Power Bank

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In the early days of power banks they generally just provided some juice to power up your most needed device. These days, with the multitude of portable devices each of us carry around our requirements have gotten a bit more complicated. In addition to that, advances in technology mean that we can do so much more with a power bank than ever before. Here are 5 technically advanced features you should look for when deciding on a power bank that’s on the cutting edge. For the absolute basics on what to look for in a portable charge, we have another article.

Wireless – can’t find your cables? Cables all bent out of shape? Dog chewed your cable? Got the wrong cable for the tablet you need to charge up? So many reasons to do away with them! Now that our smart phones and tablets can be charged wirelessly we have portable chargers offering a wireless option too. Finally!

Output Display – LEDs? LCDs? Pretty lights really do get us every time. This is not just pretty lights though, its giving you actual information on how much power is left in your portable charger. These devices must be smart enough, however, not to drain the battery by showing the data. This is usually accomplished by turning off after a few seconds.

Carry Case – Into leather cases to make you look boojie? Maybe you’d prefer a case that’s made from environmentally sustainable materials? Or maybe you just want something to carry your power bank in to protect it. Whatever the case may be (see what I did there?) companies have you covered. They have invested in some great design work and thought about how the powerbank will be used in every day life, even supplying us with waterproof cases – because this is something you will use every day!

Inputs/Outputs/Connectors – gone are the days (nearly) were you buy a product only to discover it doesn’t connect to any of your existing devices. You’ve bought something with a USB-C output but your phone is a micro-USB. I hate that! Make sure you look for a portable charger that comes with an all-in-one connector cable set so you are not limited by something so small yet so annoying when it happens. If it’s a really good powerbank it will have multiple outputs so you can charge multiple devices at the same time and these output ports will be a variety of types.

Efficiency – When we talk about the efficiency of a portable charger, we are really talking about the efficiency of the battery that’s in it. This would be in reference to holding the charge (so it doesn’t drain when you’re not using it), how much power it really can deliver (ie does 10000mAh really supply that much?) and how quickly it charges itself up. When it comes to how fast it can charge your smart devices this is mainly dependent on your your devices and not the power bank.

So there you have it, the latest greatest features available on powerbanks in the current market. What they will come up with next is anyone’s guess and be sure we will be here to cover them too!