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Portable Chargers that Support Fast Charge Smart Phones and Devices

portable fast charger confusion

What is warp charge and fast charge and super charge? Are they all the same or are they different? Confused by all the different types of fast charging available? Unsure which charging technology your phone has? Ready to buy a powerbank but not sure which one supports your fast charging device? Let us break it down for you.

First up let’s straighten out all the terminology. This simple table should explain it concisely enough with minimal reading:

ChargeCreated ByUsed ByNotes
Quick ChargeQualcommZTE, Xiaomi, Redmi, Samsung, LG, Asus, HTC, Nokia, SonyVersions 2.0 3.0 4 and 4+
Also known as
VOOCOPPOOPPONow SuperVOOC exists as an evolution of VOOC
WarpOnePlus/OPPOOnePlusA version of OPPO's VOOC. Most of the tech is in the charger so the phone doesn't get so hot
Adaptive Fast ChargeSamsung/QualcommSamsungBased on Qualcomm technology
Turbo PowerMotorola/QualcommMotorola-

I haven’t shown the technical difference between these but will be writing a more technical post shortly for those who are interested in the detailed electronics. Basically, some of these technologies use a higher voltage and some use a higher amperage. If a higher amperage is used you will also mostly likely need to use a special, thicker cable that can handle the higher current.

On to the big question – which portable chargers support these fast charge technologies. Qualcomm has a list of all supported powerbanks. Going through the list – and from the table above – the best power banks that support the most devices are shown here:

Charge TypeBest Compatible Portable Charger Buy Now
Sdoutech 20000mAh Dash Charger
WarpNone exist yet-
Quick Charge 3.0Anker
VOOCOPPO Powerbank-
Super VOOCOPPO Powerbank-

Another question you might have is whether you can use any portable charger or power bank on a device that has all the fancy new tech in it. The answer is that you can but you won’t get the benefits so the charging time will be longer.

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