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Review: EasyAcc Portable Charger – 10000mAh Power Bank


This portable charger is a real power house in terms of design, capacity and price, it has it all. Read on to find out why this cheap but good power bank is perfect for you.

This power bank has an understated design. It’s really nice to hold in your hand and also feels quite sturdy – enough to just throw it on the table when you get home. I really like the ‘debossed’ (as opposed to embossed) logo and info on the body and is easy enough to read when angled to a light source. It really annoys me when technical information on a device is written in grey or really small that I can’t read it. This does not have that problem.

The supplied USB-A to micro USB cable is short at 8″/20cm but this seems to be the standard length that you get with most power banks. One cable is sufficient even though you need one to charge the device and have 2 outlets, you won’t be charging and discharging at the same time. No AC charger is supplied and I have found this to be standard when buying powerbanks.

A really handy feature and a great addition to this portable charger is the in-built light which ends up being really handy when you’re camping, reading under your blankets, in the event of a blackout or any other scenario where you just need a small light source. It’s a white light and good enough to ready with or look for that piece of chocolate you’ve dropped.

Charging the powerbank is easy. You connect the supplied cable to the micro USB port on the edge of the device and plug the other end of the cable to the USB port of your own AC charger. Do note that charging up time of the batteries within a power bank will depend on the AC charger you are using. If you have a 1A or 800mAh charger it will take a long time. If you have an AC charger from a newer device it will be much quicker – for example a 2A charger is recommended and the device will be fully charged in 6 hours.

You can check to see how much power the EasyAcc Portable Charger has by clicking the button on the side once. When 4 LEDs light up it indicates it’s fully charged. Less LEDs will light up when there is less power available.

EasyAcc have dubbed the way this power bank chargers up your devices as Advanced Smart technology. It means when you have a small device such as an older smartphone or a larger device such as the latest iPad it will charge your device as fast as possible no matter what because it knows what your device needs. It does this while also having the right electronics inside to make sure your device is protected – no overcharging, no short circuits, no worries.

All in all, for under $20 this portable charger is awesome. It’s not bulky, it’s easy to use, cheap and can charge 2 devices at the same time while also giving you the bonus of an light! Do yourself a favor and get it. It gives all the pricier power banks out there a run for their money.

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